…..out with a whimper

So that’s it.

I apologize for neglecting this blog for quite some time. By now I’m sure that everyone is aware of my current condition, but I feel I owe it to anyone still checking in to write one last entry here.

That’s right. One more entry. Because on June 5th Doctor Densmore gave me the all clear–I’m cancer-free. Hence the dearth of posting: I’ve been far too busy living.

So adieu to those of you who have been tracking my troubles and travails with cancer. There is much more to be written, but only as a chapter in a larger book that is my life. I may soon return to blogging in other ventures, but for now this journal, with its unique purpose, is closed. I will leave this site up, however, as a service to anyone who may have the most unfortunate luck of experiencing Hodgkin’s lymphoma so that they do not have to travel that twisted road with the feeling that it had never been traversed before.

I deeply appreciate all the best wishes, support and prayers of those around me. I hope that I shall be able to return the favor–not that I wish you ill times, but rather that I may offer you my meager services at some point in the future.

And one last plug: I encourage you to support the good work of the people at the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. They provide much needed grants and services not only to doctors and patients but the public at large. You can donate here.

And so I bid you–GOOD DAY.

Ok, so I love Paul Harv—-whoops, I’m supposed to be gone. Bye now!

Craig Leroy Orndorff


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