Finally, something….

So yesterday I had chemo, and we finally got a little more information on my scan. It appears that the mass in my chest has shown “significant” decreases, which was really reassuring to hear. From what we understand, we’re just going to go with six cycles (meaning I have two more treatments) and then it’s more wait and see.

Wait and see is pretty much par for the course these days. Yesterday’s treatment went fine (no trouble swallowing my pills like last time, although I did take some anti-anxiety medication beforehand), and I actually slept for most of the treatment. The dacarbazine burnt going in again, but I’ve grown accustomed to that. We just have to adjust the rate. The nausea is down to an absolute minimum, so hopefully if I make it through the weekend the week should be pretty productive, although I’ll probably still have to work through the pain and fatigue. Anyways, that’s all for now; here’s hoping to seeing some of you at this year’s Lincoln Day Dinner next Saturday!


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