Cross your fingers…….

Yesterday brought a pleasant surprise: I found out I was scheduled for a body scan TODAY. Ok, perhaps the scheduling wasn’t the best, but I was greatly relieved because we’ve been waiting for this in order to answer questions about what’s going on inside me. The lumps on my neck we could feel, but not so much in my chest.

Given the threat of weather my mom came down today, so she was able to take me over. I learned my lesson from last time and wore sweatpants (rather than anything with a zipper).  This time the scan was over at Fontaine instead of the main hospital, and the procedure was markedly different. First I had to drink two glasses of solution, and then they proceeded with the fun and games of placing an IV. Since we’re down to my left arm, there was naturally a bit of trouble. After a second go they got it in, and a short wait was in order. Then I was placed on the table, injected with more solution, and the picture taking comenced. All in all the procedure itself took the better part of twenty minutes.

So now we wait; hopefully, I’ll have some good news within the week.

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