What a twist!

So at this point, I’m kinda used to having all sorts of bumps and bruises on my arms from various blood tests and IV insertions. Therefore, I wasn’t very alarmed when I noticed my elbow was a little swollen. However, on Tuesday evening I threw my clothes over my loft and was suddenly struck with a sharp pain in my arm. For the record, I’m rather, how you say, “uninspired” when it comes to physical fitness, and it wasn’t class, so my arm hadn’t been over my head in a while.

Upon further investigation I discovered that it was impossible for me to fully extend my right arm. That is, I couldn’t make a flat surface by stretching my arm out. I slept through it, though, went to my first class on Wednesday, and got a call from my parents at lunch. I was trying to do a hundred things at once (get the phone, answer IMs, heat my soup) so I just told them and they called the doctor. About 20 minutes later I found myself at the doctors office, and a series of tests (ok, mostly me squeezing the nurses’s hand) revealed that the strength in my right arm was somewhat diminished. She ordered blood work and an ultrasound (such priveleges that apparently come with the title of nurse practitioner).

My tech, Mario, discovered, through the miracle of ultrasound (it’s just not for babies anymore), that I had a small clot in one my arm veins. No major danger, since we caught it early, but it’s still on a path that could endanger my lungs. So what does all this mean? Really, just an addition to my cocktail: a shot to the belly each day. Stings like a banshee, but it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Here’s hoping I can stay out of the UVA medical system for at least a few days…..oh wait, I have chemo tomorrow.



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