A side trip…..

So I ended up arriving in Charlottesville a wee bit early for my bloodwork today. How early? Oh around 1 o’clock last night.

See, as I noted in my last entry, I’ve been battling a head cold since about Sunday night. Generally colds are taken for granted and easily treated, but in a nuetropenic person such as myself every infection is cause for concern. I have orders to head for the hospital if my temperature heads over 100, which it did last night around 10. We didn’t make it to Charlottesville until about 1, where a room was already waiting for me along with an attentive and caring night staff.

Much to my chagrin my fever ended up clearing rather quickly; however, they’d already started me on an IV (I was stuck a total of five times last night). Add to all this interruptions for medication and a visit from the X-Ray tech (she actually brought the machine to me! marvel of marvels!), and you can imagine that I didn’t sleep all that well.

However, after all that they declared that I was safe for passage, and I was discharged at about 11 this morning. Right now I’m waiting in my apartment while my parents are out fetching my books for next semester. I’ll try to keep you all apprised if anything else happens this weekened, but hopefully this is the end of our excitement for now.


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