Round and Round….

Hello again, and sorry once more for being remiss in my blogging. However, as I’ve said before, everything has become a cycle these days. I passed the half-way point on Friday; that was treatment number seven. Treatment was a little rough; for some reason I had trouble getting all my pills down, and they had to put two IVs in my arm due to a sore spot on my right wrist. Good news, though: there are usable veins in the left arm after all. They just happen to be a little deeper and require more finesse to get at. The nurse was quite good at finding them, though.

Thanks to the miracle of dexamethasone, I had a great weekend. Ok, great for somebody who’s been looking at guaranteed nausea every other weekend (that has nothing to do with it being the weekend, like most college kids). I still have problems with my taste buds, and for some reason I have these odd burps, but it’s far better than laying flat on my stomach feeling like doing nothing.

The week has been a little rough; with my counts down I think I’ve managed to catch a little something. I’ve been coughing and waking up with a little tickle in my throat, but so far no fever. I’ll have to keep a watch on this though; worry not-I know what to do.

Anyways, that’s where we are. I’ll be sure to post once we know where I am; next time we should know when my scan is. Stay posted; oh, and best wishes to everyone in the new year.


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