Hurry, Hurry, Hurry, Before I go Insane

I have a secret. A terrible, disturbing secret that could ruin any potential career in conservative political circles: I love The Ramones.

Ok. Anti-climactic. It’s not like they’re Slayer or Twisted Sister (although that may be more of a problem in Al Gore’s office. I’m looking at you, Tipper). Sure they had their political moments, and Joey was a leftist. But hey, Johnny refused to play Bonzo Goes to Bitburg (a anti-Reagan riff, for the uninitiated) in concert after he put two and two together.

I’m not quite sure what it is about the band. Certainly it isn’t their musicality. They use more or less the same three chords in all their songs. But what three chords! And simply put, they rocked. Now that I’ve reached the level of being a mediocre guitarist and finally had the opportunity to jam with a drummer, I fully understand why they went through four drummers. The longest break we took in our jam was after playing “Blitzkrieg Bop.”

Maybe the appeal was in challenging all the political punk rockers during high school. Sure they had their political moments, but the fact that the two creative engines of the group were on opposite ends of the spectrum indicates that the band was about something more than that. It was about a certain spirit, a certain never-say die attitude. 180 beats per minute for two hours. Wow. Their music was always moving forwards, regardless of the lyrics. You could just feel it leaning. The same way a great blues band leans back, the Ramones leaned forward. No-they didn’t just lean. They pushed. They stood in front in our great cultural wall and pushed. With their feet firmly planted in the rock and roll past, they created something new from that same energy. Even today, it’s simply kinetic.

So why does this all matter? Simply put, I misinterpreted a lyric of theirs when trying to come up with a title post, and I needed material. The lyric in question? “I can’t control my fingers, I can’t control my toes” I thoughout it was TINGLING in my toes.

Now why is THAT important? Well, for starters, Joey Ramone died of Lymphoma (albeit of the non-Hodgkin’s kind). Secondly, this is a new symptom that has manifested itself. That’s right: tingling. Imagine your foot constantly falling asleep. Now imagine that it falls asleep ONLY in your heel and your toes. Sounds pretty annoying, eh? This is what I was facing on my way to chemotherapy today.

Again, not too much to report. The only real news is of the bad variety: Apparently some of my veins have decided that want no more of this chemical chicanery. The practical implication of this is that I had to have my nurse try my right arm first, as the left one appears to be getting red and sore around the main injection site. Bad move. Now I have a bruise on my right arm, and I had to get stuck twice on the left. But otherwise, everything else went fine (if not slow; I went in at 8 and wasn’t out till at least 3). Plus the cafeteria had catfish. Delish.

Right now I’m dealing with the usual Friday Night Fun of nausea, but I have yet another sleeping medication to try. So maybe there will finally be some rest for the weary. Good; I’m going to need it for the final dash to the finish of the semester. If you’re of the praying persuasion, save one for my Comparative Politics paper, alright? Alright.

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